Here you will find case studies of some of my successes in marketing.

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Create and Coordinate Content Marketing

Semantia is the parent company for Conversion Leadership. Both websites have active blogs that required content and management.

My objective for each blog post was to rank in search engine results and attract leads to the website.


I began by creating a theme for each week and planned every 3 months of content (using Excel). I wrote 3 posts a week across the two websites (hosted by Wordpress) and focused on getting ahead of the schedule to create a backlog of content.

For each blog post I researched what was popular in the industry and found an angle that was relevant for the company, putting particular emphasis on the work we had done for clients. A lot of the case studies I featured in the blog were accomplished before my time with the company, so a lot of my work involved interviews with employees (I enjoyed playing the role of journalist).


After researching the weeks theme and relevant company case studies I wrote the blog posts. I edited my writing to cater to the company's buyer persona, and ensured that the post had the features that would allow it to rank in search engines.

After the first few weeks of managing the blogging and SEO myself (including image creation using a mix of Canva, Crello, Photoshop and Affinity), we employed an offshore team to take over the process of publication. I created instructions for the off-shore team so they could receive the content and successfully publish it on the website with appropriate SEO and image.


Each week I had meetings with the off-shore team (through Zoom) to discuss development and improvement. This included strategies with social media scheduling  and workshopping the content within social media posts.


After the first month of writing and editing my own material I recognised a need to incorporate SEO into my writing from day one, rather than bringing it in during the editing process. I discovered that blindly writing without a clear keyword phrase and focus was taking up too much time.

In order to successfully rank in search engines, blogging needs to be consistent and regular (this is also helpful for the followers of a blog). Rather than continue to create blogs posts for BOTH Semantia and Conversion Leadership, I decided to make Semantia the information hub for the brand. This ensured that the traffic would not be diluted and it made the analytics a lot easier to track and translate.

After 4 months of content creation and 3 posts a week, I moved to publishing 1 blog post a week. The time and energy spent on the blog did not match the outcomes (while we were getting first page rankings, increased site traffic and increased social media engagement... real success comes from lead conversions). This enabled us to quickly get ahead of the content and become proactive with further strategic planning.


Brand Repositioning

My Business Excellence recognised a need to update their marketing materials to further connect with their target market. After learning about the Story Brand framework, they enlisted me to reposition the communications on their website and within their lead magnets.

My objective for this project was to reframe the clients communications to increase lead conversions and engagement.


The first step was to study the Story Brand framework, create a plan with how success would be measured and decide which materials needed to be prioritised.

I then studied the My Business Excellence target marketing, created a buyer persona and used the Clare Graves Value System to really understand the psychology of the target audience. This enabled me to understand what language I should use to best communicate the My Business Excellence program and improve lead conversions.

Using this information, I put together the Brandscript. After presenting my work to My Business Excellence and getting their enthusiastic thumbs up, the Brandscript became the go-to reference document for all further marketing communications.


MBE case cover.png

The next phase was to review the existing eBooks available on the My Business Excellence website and make notes with how the communication could be repositioned and the CTAs made stronger to incite action from the readers.

I then edited the eBooks, redesigned some of the graphics and for one of them, created a new front cover.

After going through the edits with the client and getting approval for the next stage, I then went through the website and made suggestions for language, formatting and content editing.


My number one take away from this experience was clarifying exactly how the work should best be communicated to the client, especially when using a new format for presentation like the Brandscript.
My initial Brandscript contained dot points, as I wanted to stick to the format before me. In order to effectively communicate my work, I needed to go 'off book' and ensure that my intentions with the work were clear to outside eyes.

This project involved some real psychological insights into the buyer persona, and I delved deep into market research and neuromarketing. I was able to role play in order to embody the target market and experience the world through their eyes. It has allowed me to excel in my writing and editing abilities and delve even deeper into my interest of communications.

Reputation Management

I have faced multiple situations where a client has faced negative and unjust reviews. Social media in particular can leave a company vulnerable to negative reviews. Social media is a landscape where the value of your business is increased and also under threat. Protecting your business is vital.

Property Investors were subject to a negative review posted on an American website. This review was getting on the front page of search results, affecting the brand's reputation.

To address this negative review, and the resulting brand resonance, my objective was to address the negative review diplomatically and create a campaign that directly opposed the claims it made.


Property Investors had already gone through their client list and confirmed that the review was fabricated. We identified the situation as a case of 'competitor sabotage'. The review focused on a negative experience they had with Property Investors.

I decided that we needed to address the review and communicate to any prospective leads through a marketing campaign that the company prioritises the success of their clients.


With competitor sabotage in mind I contacted the website and requested they take the false review down, which they declined (as expected).

So I put together a response on the review website that demonstrated understanding and a desire to help. While I did not directly accuse the review as a fake, I stated that "we can't locate your specific situation, nor anyone of your name... please contact us and we will discuss the matter". With this response I invited the accuser to discuss the matter in private, demonstrating to prospective clients that the company takes these matters seriously while also indicating the legitimacy of these claims should be questioned.

I used testimonials to focus on the success of REAL clients. I then found stock photos that matched the sentiment of the testimonials and used Canva and Photoshop to build compositions that acutely portrayed the Property Investors brand values.


This experience has lead the way for me in dealing with reputation management in the online space. It is vital to respond promptly and appreciate the risk any negative press can have on your brand. 

Even if the review is clearly false, it's important to recognise how your leads bear witness to these events. They will see the company's response as an example of how the will be treated.


Additional Skills

Across my various roles in Marketing, I've also developed a number of skills in the following:

  • Email marketing (creation of an email campaign series)
  • Manage Social Media Activity
  • Scripted and coordinated video production for a client’s internal video and managed the video production team and voice-over artist
  • Created ‘How To’ videos for a software client (use of QuickTime, Final Cut Pro and Zoom H5 Audio Recording)
  • SEM / SEO / PPC / CRO
  • Inbound marketing (content marketing for SEO)
  • Social media content creation, scheduling (Hootsuite and Social Pilot) and community engagement
  • Shaping brand stories to engage leads and attract prospects
  • Graphic design for advertising, social media posts, website content and project briefs (using Canva, Crello, Photoshop and Affinity)
  • Designed and created lead magnets, using desktop publishing to write / edit copy and design eBooks
  • Creation, management and implementation of an editorial calendar (including the management of an off-shore team)
  • Strategic proposal planning, development and creation of project briefs
  • Website admin (Wordpress and Squarespace)
  • Writing and editing website content, social media posts and content marketing
  • Graphic design for company marketing material, website content and social media posts
  • Market research, buyer persona building and neuromarketing to create the most engaging copy and content for prospects and leads
  • Management of external publicity
  • Liaise with clients, business networking and prospecting